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He is a character from Street Fighter. DeeJay is a large Jamaican man who can fight as well as he plays. He joins the Street Fighter tournament as a publicity stunt, hoping that he will be recognized and his music will be heard all over the world. Trivia: DeeJay's pants say "Maximum" because it looks the same mirrored left and right, a virtual necessity in a 2D sprite based game.
by Samurai Katsu October 15, 2003
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Alternative spelling of DJ, used by morons that are unaware DJ is an abbreviation of disc jockey, and for some reason believe the "word" needs to be spelled out phonetically.
Did you read about dee jay ahy em?

You mean DJ AM, you moron? Of course I have! He's a legend!
by GAWII April 27, 2009
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Noun- A preemptive song changer. Usually accompanied with alcohol, or a short attention span.
Party Go-er # 1 - "Man I liked that last song, but I only heard the first 10 seconds. "

Party Go-er #2- "This A.D. Dee Jay is ruining my buzz, go take his I-Pod away."
by S-am May 13, 2007
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James Dewitt Yancey aka Jay Dee or J Dilla. One of the worlds best producers/mcs. Jay Dee is an underground hip hop artist. He is know for a unique, soulful style. His work includes productions with Busta Rhymes, Erica Badu, Ghost Face Killa, Common, De La Soul, and many more famous artists. He also has individual productions such as Dounuts, The Shining, and Ruff Draft. (February 7, 1974–February 10, 2006)
If you like underground rap check out Jay Dee aka J Dilla
by jag240 May 7, 2007
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A man with with a big penis, he is a man with respect, and a sex machine, normally there are bitches trying to suck his dick and talking about how sexy he is, also doesn't give a fuck about school and he is established as a 'God' in everything he does
Teacher: Have you done your home work Jay Dee?
Jay Dee: I am Jay Dee miss what do you think I have done? I am a Godly Beast
by AlphaGod June 23, 2016
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