rap that is created by an artist who does not have a recording contract.
I was listening to some hardcore underground rap last night.
by swagasauruse December 10, 2011
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1. Artist who paint pictures with words that are commonly rejected by Commercial Rap listeners. Usually they have an Unorthadox rap style or choose not to rap about the same things main stream artist do.

2. Genuine rap that is real and uncut. Often found in cyphers by actually freestyle artist that don't rap for the money, just for someone to hear a lyric.

3. Some rap music you just might have to do your homework on.
1. Underground rap is usually found with artist like- Tyler The Creator, Lupe Fiasco, sometimes B.o.B, Fort Minor, and other various artist who branch away from the commercial rap style.

2. Found with a group of people who just rap for the hell of it, Underground rap as in: found in the subways of New york etc.

3. Guy 1-"Bro you heard of Tyler the Creator? He worships the Devil"

Guy2- "That's that underground rap bro, go do your homework and find out what the lyrics mean. I suggest rapgenius.com"
by Underground Rap Genius February 29, 2012
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