"Changer" (pronounced "shaynjaa") is an expression widely used in east-germany (mainly Saxony) by teens which are really really really (and I can not stress this out enough) really bored. It is mainly used when just anything around the user changes, and since everything is relative, as Einstein said, everything changes all the time, thus this expression can be used all the time. It is preferable, however, using it when something noticeable changes, not when something unimportant changes (see example 2) because if you do, everyone will hate you.
The word is quite popular, should however not be abused...
Fred: You noticed? Seems like Missy there lost a few pounds.
Alfred: Changer!

Fred: Pst...whats the answer to number 5?
Alfred: CHANGER!
Fred: Lick my shiny shaved balls...
by Frostie_Bandit June 13, 2008
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A sweaty state of ecstasy experienced by travellers to Bangkok who chose to drink Chang beer with 6.4% alcohol content.
"Smitter was right changered eh?"

"Boys, we gettin' changered tonight?"
by bangkokprince July 6, 2012
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A mix between chill and banger. Both relating to music. It's a song that's relaxing but gives you energy at the same time. Pronouce the g like in "goggle". Kind of music you listen to when you're on exchange in California on a roadtrip to Yosemite and you feel like you're exploring something new even though millions of people have done it before you.
"Wow, listen to that, that's a hella changer"
by wazntmebro August 13, 2015
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ballin' ass diamond stud earrings, the bigger they are the better.
check out the changers on that mo'fucka.
by Mitch One December 12, 2006
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A very horrible hockey coach with no hockey smarts. Very mean and strict. Very bad with ladies and has only chipmunks as friends
by Bestgoalieever November 7, 2018
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