A man who says other people have tiny dicks to compensate for the tiny size of his own penis
"Chad said I have a tiny dick"
"Don't worry man, he's a total Declan"
by Cassette_Tayp May 30, 2019
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Really Funny but sometimes annoying. Really loud and weird.

Acts Tough but has a really sensitive inside

if provoked will beat the shit out of you
Stupid Kid: Fuk you declan
Declan:Bitch lemme at you
Stupid kid: Naw
by Large_Chod3_in_ur_mouth October 01, 2019
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A Declan shakes violently in Ms.Mcalpine’s class
Teacher:Declan go up to present
Declan: noooooo
by Logan boii June 07, 2019
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Loves Russia, Soviet Union, probably deals coke with a 4yr old
Ya bro u see Declan?

Ye he went to Russia last year
by Www.die.ca January 14, 2020
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A loveable boy. Quiet and rather shy, but once you get to know him... you won’t regret it. He may be sensitive at times, but he has a big heart for the people he loves. Although with problems of his own, he tries his best to not let them show, often times worrying his friends. A compassionate human being, who cares deeply. Has many different sides to him that not anyone can get to see, only reserved for those he trusts.
Declan is such an amazing guy.
by Someoneyouknow0283 July 08, 2020
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Declan is a boy who can make you smile no matter how shitty things feel. He is someone who has an asshole sense of humor which makes him even funnier. He always tries to make everything work and make everyone happy before truly realizing his needs come first. He is someone who is hard to love but he is so worth it. You will never find a boy as amazing as Declan from the kindness in his heart to the daily problems you go through together he is definitely one of a kind and worth every second.
“Declans coming over today!!!!!!!!”
*unimaginably excited even though it’s the 35th time he’s come over*
by Gracegill20 June 07, 2018
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