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A metrosexual. Sometimes appears sparkly, but not in a Twilight-vampire-type fashion. Is always at least 13 under par when playing Tiger Woods PGA Golf Tour. Has priceless fun when playing Sims 2 and makes all characters lesbians. Has a gorgeous face that makes you want to throw your chemistry books on the floor and eat his face. Has the cutest dinosaur 'rawr' in the world.

Person A: Why has that girl just swept her entire Chemistry table contents onto the floor?
Person B: She's just seen Declan.
by gojoe1 July 09, 2010
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verb: to shabazzle, is anything you want it to be, but it sounds brilliant whilst doing it.

noun: if something is 'shabazzle' it is the most awesome of all awesome things in the entire world.

If something is shabazzle, in fact, even Bruce Lee cannot defeat it.

That is shabazzle
by gojoe1 July 09, 2010
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