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A group of bitchy guys/girls that continuously shoot evil looks at you. Will gossip, stir and lie in such a way that is not noticeable to others. Usually carry similar markings, e.g orange faces and lots of mascara. Of course this example generally relates to girls.
A: Urgh, the death squad are trying to stare me out again.
B: God I hate them so much, I could just turd on that Alice's face.
by loveyoulots December 18, 2007
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A squad of U.S Army soldiers with a Devil Dog squad leader. Subordinates often referred to as Wahabi. Squad leader of a death squad is frequently under the influence of controlled substances. Signs of a death squad involvement include a deviated septum,lack luster attitude accompanied by an affinity for abortion or womens suffrage, and most often than not a case of right wing views and an appreciation for late 80's early 90's rap. Often seen Hupping. Side effects include PTSD and a newfound appreciation for America and all it stands for.
Death squad gets it done, or holy shit they got it D.U.N who were they? Lemme check...Death squad.
by Wombatone9 April 03, 2011
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