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City in Michigan. This city has the most dense population of Arabs outside of the middle east only 2nd to L.A. The city is divided into three "sections" those being the South side, East side, and the West side. The East and south sides are considered to be the "ghetto" parts due to the fact of run down building's, houses and the Arabs that have gathered there. The West side is the nicest part of Dearborn because mostly Whites have moved to this side in hopes that thier property value will raise and thier children can go to school without having a terriost or middle eastern influence. People in Dearborn generally have the attitude that thier better than most people and if your not from Dearborn they are relucktant to speak to you. West siders usually go to the East side or South side to buy drugs. Downtown Dearborn is basically a little chain of about 20 or 30 small cafes and little shopping centers. Some of those places being Starbucks, Buffalo Wild Wings, Hookah bars, Sushi bars, places that really any normal person wouldn't really hang out at.
by West Sider Matt February 17, 2009

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