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A suburb of Detroit. The newest immigrants live on the east side and the oldest immigrants live on the west side, or have moved on. East side = ghetto & arabs, West side = white people & richer people. If you grow up there you will pick up a few phrases including Fordson cuz, Wallah bro, and yallah. Lots of middle eastern people are there currently, but a long time ago it was polish and irish and other minorities. we have yet to get a wave of mexicans. its funny because the founder of dearborn was super racists. ok tl;dr sariee. Also; Henry Ford is a major thing in Dearborn, js.
Steve: What up my homie
Fudwa: Dearborn Represent
Steve: wallah Fordson is some gay shit DHS 4 LYF !!!1!!
Taniqua: Imma kill this nigga
Fudwa: Yallah its time for you to leave

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