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A city in Michigan, just outside of Detroit, that is home to Ford Motor Company and the most dense population of Arabs outside of the Middle East. Most of the Arab population consists of Lebanese, but a growing number of Iraqis have been immigrating here. Also a nice sized population of Yemenis and Palestinians live here. Most are Muslim, but lots of Christian Arabs live in other parts of the Metro Detroit Area. Even though lots of whites have left Dearborn, Dearborn's economy has gone up. Real Estate value and Property taxes have risen drastically since the 1980s. Lots of great Social programs "plague" this fine city, such as quick responsive snow removal, emergency services, and police patrol. The East side of Dearborn is about 85% Arab, the south side is 100%, and the west side has been increasingly Arab-American! The west side of Dearborn is a lot nicer than the rest of Dearborn, which has a nice downtown on Michigan Ave, and expensive houses that share a golf course. The only reason that some people would say that Dearborn's getting worse is because of their own prejudice of Arab-Americans, such as Debbie Schlussel, and not based on facts. Unlike other minorities, Arab-Americans moving to a certain community improves the economy and doesn't bring it down.
ADJECTIVE: when somebody acts like a Lebanese guy from Dearborn, such as driving around Warren Ave with the music loud as hell and talking on the cell phone, and trying to pick up chicks. Says "Bro" and "Cuz" a lot. When a girl from Dearborn would take her cousin or brother to the prom because her parents wouldn't let her take a guy! Also says "Bro" a lot! Dearborn guys and girls share a lot of traits with Italians from Staten Island and New Jersey.
"This guy is so Dearborn! How the hell can he talk on the phone when I can hear the music from here?"
by Bilal Chebbani February 17, 2008

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