An absolute bruh moment of a dude. He be funny but yet serious. Dean is good with history and money. He also is a leader, that’s why college heads are called deans. This man is always a bruh moment, a chill dude, or a serious bruh.
Boy: I be low on cash
Dean: I got you this time
Jonas Savimbi: Death to the MPLA
by The name chad June 25, 2021
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Someone who has obtained the power of smooth jazz, mono-brows & talking the ladies into bed. Dean is truly a sexy beast
Person 1: Bro did you see what Dean did last night?
Person 2: Yeah I know! He's a jazzy lad! No wonder he is called Dean!
Person 1: He gets all the pussy! I'm so jealous of Dean!
by Razor ツ October 10, 2020
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he is a sexy motherfucker he has a big pp and will treat you with respect and will make you fell loved
damm is that dean i can see his pp at his ankles
by matayo12 December 15, 2021
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Slang for "penis" or "cock", namely, the shaft of the penis.
Mexican penises can be referred to as Senor Deans, which sounds similar to "seen-your deans"
"Man, that guy has a big dean."
"I know, it was in my ass last night."
by Senor Dean April 3, 2006
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He is an idiot who thinks he is so smart.
He is such a dean
by Trashy the rash September 3, 2018
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Is the most kind caring adorable boy you will ever meet in your whole life.If you ever encounter him you will instantly fall in love with his wonderful personality and how genuine he is.Over all best person in the whole world.Something very important is that he can make your heart melt.
i love Dean very much <3.
by lil E girl April 29, 2019
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This person tends to be short but sometimes isn't, they are kind and caring but can also get frustrated for small things. They tend to be more online than offline as they are somewhat shy. This may not include all people by the name of Dean but it is forsure some.
Person1: Hey yk Dean?
Person2: ohhh dean the bean!
by 1l1umi June 30, 2021
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