A man that can impregnate many girls, while at all times staying anonymous
"Dean you are such a Dean lol"
by Rob newcastle college October 13, 2009
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a.) true Dean's are -honest, kind, loving and generous. Any Dean who does not act in these ways is an imposter or should have been named differently.

b.)Tall gorgeous gentlemen who treat women respectfully. Adventurous and does amazing things for others. Usually have amazing wives & kids.

c.)Dean's reflect awesomeness. If not, it's a sad case of the wanna-be-a-dean.
Dude#1: That guy is a jerk.

Dude#2: What's his name?

Dude#1: I think it's Dean.

Dude#2: Nope. Dean's are awesome. Can't be Dean.
by the original DEAN October 23, 2012
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To hit someone in the face; often a small child with a basketball
Steven threw the ball to John and Deaned him in the face

by smustang September 14, 2008
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Dean can be used in any situation whenever needed for a substitute for a word that you can not think of at the time or that something is so crazy that there isnt even a word for it or if you just like to use the word.
"Theres no way that just happened. That was so DEAN."
"This weekend were so getting DEAN"
by DJ SnowFlake March 28, 2007
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dean is the type of person to deal out math homework like no one ever has. he stands and walks as if he were superior to everyone around him, but we don't complain (because he's fucking god on earth). dean's smile lights up the darkest of rooms, and his homework always puts answers on other student's papers. dean is not only an outstanding student, but also maintains a HUGE penis to slap down any man coming his way. his balls are made of steel, and he can conquer any task given. we ALL love dean. no excuses. (he may also own a meme account).
"did you see dean over there?"

"yeah, tell him to send the math homework"
by tilpss May 19, 2019
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