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2 definitions by BigBlueArmadaJunky

Dean can only love one girl, that girl from his teenage years. He knew when he first set eyes on her, giggling in church, he saw her soul.

She taught him how to love deeply. He has accomplished a lot and has it all but his one true love. He wants to settle down with that one person one day and believes that where there is a will there is a way. There is no power higher than love.
Dean believes the highest power is love and Jesus
by BigBlueArmadaJunky October 16, 2021
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Natasha is the most intelligent and beautiful woman you'll have ever met. The kind, that when you saw smile and giggling at church, you fell in love with instantly. Her fire and sense of humor is untameable, she is strong and doesn't take BS. Deep down she is kind and has the most beautiful soul. When she makes you meals, it seals the deal. She is the one you would risk it all for even though loving her hasn't been easy, the past is the past, the more one becomes a man, the more one knows she is the one. She is the one you'd choose over your mom, any day. D
by BigBlueArmadaJunky October 16, 2021
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