Dean can only love one girl, that girl from his teenage years. He knew when he first set eyes on her, giggling in church, he saw her soul.

She taught him how to love deeply. He has accomplished a lot and has it all but his one true love. He wants to settle down with that one person one day and believes that where there is a will there is a way. There is no power higher than love.
Dean believes the highest power is love and Jesus
by BigBlueArmadaJunky October 16, 2021
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he is a sexy motherfucker he has a big pp and will treat you with respect and will make you fell loved
damm is that dean i can see his pp at his ankles
by matayo12 December 15, 2021
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Dean is the most hottest boys in the world. If u have met a dean or seen one, now is ur chance to spy on them until the end like they are really good at fucking people i love deans. every girl is jealous but he only chose one <3
sluts: ''woah thats the boy i think hes dean''
meh: ''back off hes mine''
by Ayva Avocado Lover January 3, 2022
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A Dean is someone who generally is always angry at everybody and everything.

When startled they tend to pull a face that looks like Nicholas Cage when he's doing his psycho smile. Followed by a quick smash to the face with a sledgehammer.
anger rage megarage angry Dean
by jawahha May 16, 2011
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