1. A likeable young man who has his life together in all the right places, except for one: his oldest and dirtiest pair of jeans. He’s oblivious to the uncomfortable circumstances these favorite jeans have placed him in with his family and friends.

2. In reference to a man who can’t get rid of his ratty jeans. He is in constant denial and insists on wearing them to any and every occasion.
a. “Ditch those jeans, Dean.”

b. “C’mon man, change into something nice, we’re goin’ the bars. Don’t be a Dean”.
by Series 1889 August 3, 2010
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A Dean is someone who generally is always angry at everybody and everything.

When startled they tend to pull a face that looks like Nicholas Cage when he's doing his psycho smile. Followed by a quick smash to the face with a sledgehammer.
anger rage megarage angry Dean
by jawahha May 16, 2011
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A Dean is the act of slapping your girlfriend extremely hard and calling her a fat bitch.
My boyfriend totally Dean-ed me last night after we had a huge fight.
by qwertyuiop123456 September 26, 2008
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Dean can only love one girl, that girl from his teenage years. He knew when he first set eyes on her, giggling in church, he saw her soul.

She taught him how to love deeply. He has accomplished a lot and has it all but his one true love. He wants to settle down with that one person one day and believes that where there is a will there is a way. There is no power higher than love.
Dean believes the highest power is love and Jesus
by BigBlueArmadaJunky October 16, 2021
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A person, often short in stature, who uses the longest route possible to solve a problem, often creating other problems along the way; also a small person with a large ego, similar to Napolean, only with the stubborness of a native Italian. This person will find several ways to solve the same problem, only all of them will be incorrect.
The customer called in with a problem, and instead of quickly finding a solution, the technician decided to get dean.

Stop being so dean! You think you know everything but you're ALWAYS wrong!
by James Hightower December 12, 2007
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