(noun or verb) Term used for someone with a Midas Touch, e.g. to be able "to make 50 cents a dollar." See also "Goobie."
"He won the lottery on his very first ticket? What a dean!" "He was dealt another winning hand, he's really deaning us." 'We totally got deaned."
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by rossfish January 29, 2020
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A name often chosen for fat Chinese boys, who often spend hours on end eating Cheetos and playing video games. Dean’s, although fat, often wear tight shirts – Proudly showing off their “muscle.” A Dean will typically sport a baby dick, often measuring between 2.5-3.0 in length. Although Dean’s may appear dumb, they are also often creative – Many times designing clothing such as T-Shirts, Hats, etc. If one is ever in need of a Dean, one is commonly found at your local McDonalds drive thru. In a Dean’s spare time, they will be found in the kitchen concocting their favorite type of chili. Deans, although non-muscular and fat, will often partake in athletic supplements such as protein shakes, creatine, and the like.
"You might want to watch what you eat, you're starting to look like a Dean."

"That shirt makes you look like a Dean."
by Dean Lover March 15, 2013
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One of the best guitar manufacturers in the world. Some of their main customer/ex-customers are Dimebag Darrel and Michael Angelo Batio. They make amazing double neck and quad guitars.
Dude: oh dude you seen the quad guitar dean designed for Michael Angelo???
by tony-montana December 14, 2007
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A funny yet can be seireous person who is deeper then meets the eye. He likes some people but is to shy to say who. He says what’s on his mind, and is Lonley
by J9md June 05, 2018
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1. A likeable young man who has his life together in all the right places, except for one: his oldest and dirtiest pair of jeans. He’s oblivious to the uncomfortable circumstances these favorite jeans have placed him in with his family and friends.

2. In reference to a man who can’t get rid of his ratty jeans. He is in constant denial and insists on wearing them to any and every occasion.
a. “Ditch those jeans, Dean.”

b. “C’mon man, change into something nice, we’re goin’ the bars. Don’t be a Dean”.
by Series 1889 August 03, 2010
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