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MDMA (3,4-methylenedioxy-N-methamphetamine), most commonly known today by the street name "ecstasy," (often abbreviated to E, X, or XTC )
derived from the street slang 'Pinger' which means exactly the same thing.
'Mate just went to juicy's crib n hooked ourselves up with some chron dingas!'
by switchdnb April 08, 2007
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Most commonly associated with an individual who is desperate for mingas.
That guy is a Dinga, he cannot avoid unfortunate looking girls for one second
by Mac Miller101 May 30, 2017
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A complete and total buffoon, someone who has no common sense or natural abilities
Good lord, look at that dingas over there, he can't do anything.
by An0maly May 20, 2013
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I true clumsy person who trips into everyting and falls over himself.
Wow that guy is such a dingas he is fallin' all over the place.
by Brandon Murphy March 06, 2003
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Pronounced - Din-gas.
A person who spills drinks and breaks random objects.
Also know as Dicky Fingas (Dicky Fin-gas) or Dicky Pingas (dicky Pin-Gas)
A smashing Sound in the background...
Dingas has broken another glass at the Herb Farm,
no suprises there !!!
by Gilbertmac May 09, 2007
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Used as a greeting. Usually an isolated nickname repeatedly used by one individual to refer to another unfortunate member of a group of friends. The term is used in most emails and particularly text messages sent to the friend. The nickname Dinga is never spoken, only read. Typically used by a geek and unintentionally tends to lessen the merit or reputation of a person.
Dinga you coming the Zoo Bar tonight? Wanna hang later Dinga? Dinga give me a bell later so we can hang! Wanna hang after work Dinga?
by Scott Dinga September 25, 2006
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