A fail of some sort or if someone falls or if actually someone dies in used in a sarcastic way of the word dead. - izzy henderson
I’m sorry i hung up my phone got deaded
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by lilpeepsgirl January 07, 2021
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It is a way to say murder or kill on/in a pg place
I will DEADED you if you don't buy me chicken nuggets
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by Ur Local Corgirat June 15, 2020
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Deaded is what you do to a daffodil once it's flower starts going over. You pinch the flower off so the goodness goes back to the bulb for another year.
Those daffodils need to be deaded or they won't bloom next year.
by Triple B December 19, 2016
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When a person cuts communication only after getting a response from a friend or acquaintance. Its not quite bad as ghosting, but is more aggravating because you knew they were around to see the message
I dont think Joelman liked my response to his text. He hasn't messaged me back in days. I think I have been deaded...
by tiffii April 26, 2019
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To open someone's text/snapchat but not reply, to leave someone on read.

Similar to ghosted, but doesn't have to imply that the person is trying to avoid/get rid of you.

It was used in the mid-2000's as a way of saying 'to reject' in general, but has made a comeback (at least in Upstate NY) most likely due to social media/snapchat.
Tyler- She opened my snap 2 minutes ago, you think she's gonna answer?
Luke- Nah man she for sure deaded ur ass.

Sarah- She sent me such a bitchy text. What should I say back?
Becca- Nothing, just dead her.
by November 20, 2020
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