Consumed a large portion of drugs and/or alcohol in a short period of time
Damn he straight up deaded that 40, yo
by Madame Zelda July 20, 2005
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Dead mean that u made me laugh or u said something funny
Omg that’s to Funny u deaded me
by Drop lip November 21, 2018
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Rejected. Especially in terms of sexual needs. Usually called out by a third person. Done so by completely ignoring a person, or making fun of them in response.
Boy: "Come on, baby, satisfy my needs."
Girl: *ignore*
Random person: DEADED!

"Yo, Ashley was deading you alll night, man."
"Yeah, I know! Everytime I tried to hug her, she moved away. I feel soo deaded."
by SchizoMania July 7, 2009
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what happens when you die for the final time on a video game and have no more lives left
Dude did you get killed
yeh but im respawning...
dude did you just die again
yeh but now im dead dead i wont be back till next game
by gunslinger4u April 20, 2011
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A term meaning something is extremely accurate, right on target. Hitting the mark. Correct, absolute.
You nailed that description dead on.
by monkiki April 3, 2005
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1) The word you use when you find something hilarious.
2) Not physically alive.
Example 1:
*Person saying something funny*
Other person: Dead

Example 2:
Someone that isn't living anymore.
by fhk x3 May 12, 2017
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Dude 1: Yo why isn't Frank talking to me anymore. It's been 10 years.
Dude 2: Frank's been dead for 10 years. You killed him.
Dude 1: That explains why I'm in this jail cell.
by Riley Freemen June 18, 2014
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