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A sorostitute with a frequent habit of passing out at fraternity parties, Dead Girl subscribes whole heatedly to the “Black out, or Not Out” school of thought. She will typically show up at the beginning of a social function and proceed to walk the thin line between semi-consciousness and an alcohol induced coma between the hours of 11:00pm and 2:00am. Using her 6th Dead Girl sense to her advantage, she will spring into action at approximately 2:30am and make an ill-advised and obviously aggressive attempt at a late night hookup. Regardless of her success, she will proceed to “die” on a couch and remain utterly comatose until less than 10 people remain at the party. Dead Girl, disoriented after her semi-intentional venture into the predictable world of excessive alcohol consumption, will awake from her stupor sometime between the hours of 4:00am and 8:00am.
Frat Guy 1: Yo, I think Dead Girl might actually be dead this time.
Frat Guy 2: Nah. She's a pro.
by Fratnonymous March 30, 2009
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A girl that is attractive and repulsive at the same time, like the zombie girl around which revolves the plot of the high-school horror movie "Deadgirl" (USA, 2008).
She's not just some deadgirl.
by kikoz March 22, 2009
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DeadGirl. Not much to it, a girl who looks dead. Usually after consuming vast amounts of alcohol. The original DeadGirl was Kate (she is proud). There have been many more DeadGirls, getting progessively worse.
Wow, she was totally DeadGirl.
DeadGirl The Third to be exact...
by Nymphetaminegirl April 14, 2006
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Most often used as a pejorative word for a female of the endangered Goth subculture. Because of her white powdered face and sunken-eye make up giving the appearence of a corpse or vampire. However, many "Dead Girls" will be delighted upon hearing this name and it can even be used affectionately in the right context and tone.
Friend: "Dude, you're into HER? She's a Dead Girl!"

Friend #2: "Dead Girls are hot!"
by Combat_Boots February 18, 2011
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