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A group of NF pussycreep fucks who ruin parties faster than a cop can give an MIC or a slut can say "Date-rape". Formed in the Fall of 2013 as an anti-empire movement, the group prides themselves on their lack of game, their ability to scare off thirsty hoes, and their overall shitty existence. Being the world's biggest pussy is a requirement of membership.
Joe: How was your weekend?!? Did you smash?!?
John: Nah dude, went to a party that had more dudes than a Beta Chi Brotherhood Event.

(Nancy overhears in the background.)

Nancy: Haha stupid John! I would rather get gang-raped than go to a fucking REBEL party!
by Fratnonymous October 29, 2013
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A sorostitute with a frequent habit of passing out at fraternity parties, Dead Girl subscribes whole heatedly to the “Black out, or Not Out” school of thought. She will typically show up at the beginning of a social function and proceed to walk the thin line between semi-consciousness and an alcohol induced coma between the hours of 11:00pm and 2:00am. Using her 6th Dead Girl sense to her advantage, she will spring into action at approximately 2:30am and make an ill-advised and obviously aggressive attempt at a late night hookup. Regardless of her success, she will proceed to “die” on a couch and remain utterly comatose until less than 10 people remain at the party. Dead Girl, disoriented after her semi-intentional venture into the predictable world of excessive alcohol consumption, will awake from her stupor sometime between the hours of 4:00am and 8:00am.
Frat Guy 1: Yo, I think Dead Girl might actually be dead this time.
Frat Guy 2: Nah. She's a pro.
by Fratnonymous March 30, 2009
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