n. Drinking game played by two or more players in public, with another person nominated as davies, the nominated person should be unaware that the game is in progress. The participants take it in turns to say the word davies, each having to say it louder than the player before hand. The loser is the person who says the word loud enough to make the davies hear and scream out daviessss.
Note. the davies should be the loudest and most drunk person in the group.
Named after the now famous Mark Davies
Stevie was nominated the davies as the rest of the group played Davies in an Edinburgh pub.
by Gilb3rt May 18, 2006
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Davies - Pulling out your secondary weapon/s after an unsuccessful sniper shot in the 'Call Of Duty' series.
"Oh fuck! I missed the shot, so I did a Davies."
by davies526 fan January 21, 2013
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Verb - An act of violence usually triggered by immense rage.

Will Davies (Present)
To Davies (Future)
Daviesed (Past)
This idiot was annoying me so I picked up a stool, ran over to him and screamed in his face, "If you don't pack it in I will Davies you!"
by Absolute0 November 28, 2011
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The act of fornicating doggie style while walking or jogging at a slow pace. (preferably with a female who has recently been de-virginized). This is best preformed while walking and humping in harmony. This move can also be used on the dance floor due to its rhythmic motion.
Dude, this girl was a freak. She even let me Davies her around the kitchen.
by assgoblin10 December 16, 2009
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the act of being punched in the face for foolishness/ignorance/offending a minority
Davies was walking along camden high road singing the muslim bomber song and this guy tottaly davies'ed him
by this charming man May 24, 2009
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A middle aged man whom is often follickly challenged and uses a dated wig to hide his shame, often attributed to Gary Glitter
My Lord have you seen the head on that old guy over there in the play area? He looks like a right "'Davies"
by Ackyboy February 19, 2017
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