David is a sweet guy that cares for his friends and, has amazing hair ,strong,handsome , is a panda(spirit animal),loves rock ,is a sucker for sour patch kids but will always try to make it fair and when he can he feels bad after wards ,and wants every one to know they are wanted.
Girl 1:have you meet that guy

Girl 2:yeah he's such a David
by jsjchhwjdjsiaowmnd bc hdh February 07, 2015
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One of the funniest, nicest guys you know. He knows how to make you laugh and smile. He’s someone you have fun around, he is artistic, and kind. He’s total boyfriend material. If you know a David like this, be grateful to have someone so amazing around you. He isn’t what you think is your ideal type, but he’s the one who makes you realize that ideal types are somewhat pointless—he makes you heart flutter nonetheless.
That was such a David thing to do.
by David’s Friend October 20, 2018
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1. David is a term used to describe people that stand out from the rest, the people you see and want to be friends with. Davids can be characterized by their distinctive good looks, but if you mention that to them they may get a tad bit cocky. David can also be sought out by his voice, it is unforgettable; his brown hair and brown eyes which can change your whole opinion on the colour brown.

2. Davids will always have their own opinions on things, which you may or may not like. Someone you'd call David would be obsessed with ice tea and not like oreos despite who disagrees with him. He would shake his head at such cheesy things and how inaccurate they are but he's yet to be proven wrong. He is someone that would laugh at idiocy with you and not get the least bit offended, at the same time, he's probably the most considerate person ever.

3. Davids are also amazing not-so-human beings, characterized by how perfect they are that they could not possibly be humans.
1. Don't be basic be David.

I've never liked the colour brown before but it's my new favourite colour.

You're so not David, I bet your pH is like totally 14
by idontevenlikecats June 14, 2014
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A guy who does not share his feelings, keeps to himself. Does not get a hint when you like him. Everyone in his class loves him (even some of the guys). Girls get jealous and catfight over him. He will regrete liking you and say he will throwup then go right on and talk to you. Very funny, can be romantic, attractive, and sexy guy. He loves to talk. Does not call you back.If you date a David you will be praised, and worshiped.
"I told David you liked him and he said he wanted to throwup"

five seconds later.....
David walks up to the person that likes him "hey whats up!"
by Amazing Anna December 05, 2009
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A king of men! He will destroy giants and crush opponents. He is a true man. Not only will women flock to him because of his strength, but also because of his stark intelligence and wisdom. To anger him is to incur a wrath not seen since the age of Spartan warriors!
When I grow up, I want to be a David.
by Coimiceoir February 10, 2009
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David is by far the most amazing guy any girl could only dream of. He's extremely funny, he's got that charm that will definitely capture a girl's attention instantly. Usually not shy about anything or with anyone. A HUGE flirt! The hottest guy ever to walk on this Earth! He's extremely sexy and the BEST in bed! Knows just how to please a girl. Has beautiful eyes that are a mystery to anyone BUT the person that has his heart. Not anyone is able to capture his heart. Though he is extremely good looking and has tons of admirers he's still self-conscious at points. Needs to be well appreciated and shown that he really is amazing. Very intelligent and always knows how to have fun. Knows exactly what to say to make anyone feel amazing about themselves. His arms are a safety zone. Protective and forceful, will defend what/who he cares for above all. Sweet, kind, and very loving. Any girl that has David as her boyfriend is definitely the LUCKIEST girl out there!
I am so lucky to be able to call the most perfect, amazing, hottest guy ever MINE! His name is David.
by tigerrr10 May 22, 2011
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A beautiful man with baller status. Often seen with his homeboys or a female. He usually has a wall up, but carries a sweet, soft side that is hard to find. Most people fear the David because he's a boss. Many admire him and want to be like him leading to envy. David is a lover, but rather put a front as a fighter. He's an undercover family man. Usually late to everything, but worth the wait. He loves slurpees because they're cool like him. The David is dificult, but a great lover.
Girl 1: "Hey who are you going to the dance with?"
Girl 2: "David, He's dreamy."
Girl 1: "Sorry I already asked him. He's Perfect."
by tastyboo June 27, 2011
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