When a person fucks up an unfuckable situation
him: I have just cut my arm off
her: wow you are such a David
by LiLPička March 25, 2019
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David David, also know as David squared, is a very unique specimen. He has unlimited attractiveness meaning any man, women or even animal will instantaneous fall for him. He also contains an intelligence so superior to that of humans it makes Albert Einstein look like a child. In conclusion, if you see him you become a simp.
Omg look it’s David David
*orgasms and passes out*
by Absolutely not Alex November 16, 2021
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David is someone who will never let you down. They empower others by simply being themselves. David is wise and kind and gives all that he can to what he believes in most. With one look, he knows what's on your heart and how to give you what you need to feel supported and loved as you process what you're feeling. David will give all of himself to his passions and goals. He gives so much of himself to others, I hope he remembers to give to himself too. His heart is a beat to keep time to. David's

very presence grounds everyone around him and reminds them why they're here. He grants you the clarity, through few and highly impactful words, to see yourself and whatever situation you're facing more clearly than you did before. David sees through the bullshit and seeks the real. He seeks the truth. There is no one I would rather have on my team than him. He brings a light to the world that cannot be found in anyone else. You'll find yourself grateful for every moment spent with him. He will light up your whole world. He will become everything you've ever looked for or sought after. It might take you a long time to see it and realize it, but when you do, you'll never be the same.
Person: Where does your soul travel to at night when you sleep?
Me: With him. With David.
by DJ biscuit June 1, 2018
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an amazingly sweet boy. he’s mature, and respectful. he can always make you laugh no matter what. you can have countless conversations for hours, serious and silly. he gives amazing advice. he’s someone you can always go to, count on, and trust. he’s overprotective and actually cares about you and checks up on you.
by agirlwhoisagirl October 18, 2019
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david it |DEY-vid it| verb, david'd, daviding, david
-verb (used with subject)
1. The process in which one floors a manual car before, during, or after a stop for no apparent reason; knowingly that people are observant of his actions and that there is a stop straight ahead, and is driving with 0% efficiency by obtaining poor miles per gallon.
2. When one drives a 99' Honda Civic EX and plays loud techo/trance music for no apparent reason with windows rolled all the way down; trying to look cool in front of ones friends, but in actuality, one is embarrassing not only himself, but those who are also present in the same vehicle.
3. To drive the entire day and nothing else because everything else is requires too much effort; a taxi driver; a loner; a basement liver; selfish being; meaningless being; anti-social; a pushover; a failure in life; a leecher; unreliable.
4. Trying to bamboozle ones money to buy ANYTHING (sweets in particular; for example, MOCHI, a Japanese delight), but fails miserably.
1. David, stop daviding it, there is a stop sign right there correct? Why are you using my car and flooring it like it's yours and wasting my gas?
2. You do realize that you just david'd us right? Because the car that just past by was laughing at us because of your loud ridiculous music that none of us likes besides you.
3. Person A: So what are you doing today?
Person B: I'm feeling a bit down, I guess I'll just david it today...
Person A: Alright bro, call me when you're ready to ACTUALLY do something.
4. Person 1: Can you BUY a box of mochi for me?
Person 2: Are you going to pay me back?
Person 1: ehh…
Person 2: Then no, don't david me, I'm not buying it for your broke ass.
by sensei MOCHI June 9, 2007
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When a girl asks you to a dance or anything in front of class and all you can say is yes or you'll look like a dick
"Fuck! I got Davided by Michelle in math earlier today."
by Shu Willis January 23, 2016
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David is a sweet guy that cares for his friends and, has amazing hair ,strong,handsome , is a panda(spirit animal),loves rock ,is a sucker for sour patch kids but will always try to make it fair and when he can he feels bad after wards ,and wants every one to know they are wanted.
Girl 1:have you meet that guy

Girl 2:yeah he's such a David
by jsjchhwjdjsiaowmnd bc hdh February 8, 2015
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