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Daryan is a Unisex name, can be used for either guys or girls. It's origin is Celtic/Gaelic. The name means "Upholder of the good"

Daryan is usually associated with a very noticeable person, they flood the room with what they are feeling, and everyone notices. Daryan can talk to anybody, no matter how well or little they know them, and just be so awesome to be with.
They spread joy all around.
Daryan is the smile that lights up the room, and the energy that keeps everyone going. And when Daryan is struggling, everyone is there to help.
Daryan is a great person, and a happy person, and one loved by many.
This party feels so empty without Daryan.

Everyone will be happy as soon as Daryan gets here.

Everybody loves Daryan.
by Dennis Nicholson August 16, 2006
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Daryan is a traditionally Irish name which can be applied to either gender. In Greek mythology, Daryan is mentioned as the unattractive, female harlot of the underworld, frequently appearing among the living on Earth and taking many forms, mostly that of fire, lava, or, more generally a pear.
That's not pear you saw, that was Daryan!
by Venganza July 09, 2012
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