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A caramel brown guy with a great sense of humor. An all around fun guy that can be crazy sometimes and has a really long penis and is great in bed. He gets all the girls but still has high levels of respect for them. He's sexy and attractive. He might seem weird but once you get to know him, he's awesome.
Darrick made me laugh so hard I shat milk.
by AK!NGofM@nyMen August 27, 2017
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Darrick is a name usually given to a person that is prefers to stick to himself and his mother is usually a drunk given the way she spelt the name
Guy 1: Hey Darrick
Darrick: Leave me alone bitch
by Robertsonhater September 26, 2018
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A true warrior, who has blessed the universe with his presence. Humble in spirit, and intelligent beyond comprehension.The most powerful human being, with God-like strength and skill. He is the standard for all of man-kind.
β€œHey, Darrick is really the only of his kind. If only I could be a fraction of the man he is!”
by Legend2595 November 14, 2018
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