She is a white female™️ who is mainly known for her part in Team 10 's "Everyday Bro." In this she raps about Panera, keeps repeating that she's Tessa Brooks, talks about your man's cologne, and as a bonus she does a lot of cringey movements. She is actually a really talented dancer but barely anyone but her 12 year old fan girls know this.
Cringey 12-Year Old- OMG I LOOOOOOOOOVE tessa brooks did you see her music video with team 10 it was SUPER DUPER LITTTTT
by lickylickylittledicky July 8, 2017
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A dancer, actor, youtuber. Once was on team 10 but left due to differences. She’s a positive queen who actually has talent unlike some others part of that trash team.
Tessa Brooks is inspired me to start dancing again
by Starryview January 12, 2018
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Tessa Brooks is a dancer and vlogger. She has 3 million subscribers on YouTube and currently 5.6 million followers on instagram. She is the most beautiful person ever. Her fandom is litttt. (Brooksters). Also nicest person ever. She is very nice to all fans. And I hope to meet her.
Have you seen Tessa Brooks new vlog. It is amazing/littt. 😁😁😁😁
by brookstertessa May 1, 2018
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she used to have Chance Suttons cologne but she was hell nah fam U don't like snakes

She's talented and is actor,Dancer and all that other shit
I wanna be Tessa Brooks one day
by Talisbby September 4, 2017
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Tessa Brooks an Intelligent and Beautiful person who just smiles a lot.She’s know for her dancing, acting, and YouTube videos. She’s an inspirational person that you just want as a friend. Basically Tessa Brooks is the BEST!
I wish Tessa Brooks was my Best Friend!
by Brookster:)) April 29, 2018
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The biggest shitty shit ever. A slut. Only have 12 years old fans. And she is cringey as fuck. Backstab her own friend 'ALISSA VIOLET THE QUENN' for money.
Tessa Brooks is a piece of shit.
by blackmt___ September 24, 2017
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You tuber.
Team 10 member among many others.
Gorgeous and positive.
Tessa brooks is so nice, she just never stops smiling!
by bublesherbert135 June 2, 2017
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