Daria is the pretties girl you will ever meet. Although, she is very sensitive. If you are loyal to her, she will give her whole heart to you and love you with everything she has. If you ever get the chance to be friends with a Daria or date a Daria, I wouldn’t pass up the offer. She is very artistic and creative as well. She is always down to do whatever but sometimes she may just stand in the background. She doesn’t have a problem being in a big group but she would prefer 1 on 1 time. She is also very smart and does well in school. All of the teachers like her, even the ones she aren’t fond of. If you are friends with a Daria, she will become attached if you are a great friend. So never leave a Daria and she won’t leave you. She is very funny but is also a little insecure about herself. So always remind her how amazing she is. Overall, a Daria is an amazing person.
“Is that Daria?”
Ya, she is so amazing.”
“I know. She is so pretty too”.
by Pmoney316 December 9, 2019
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She lights up my world, and gives me a reason to smile. Seeing her beautiful face makes my life become complete, and hearing her beautiful voice echo through my mind is a blessing, enchanting me in every possible way from how perfect she is. Her eyes are beautiful and you could just get lost in them, because of her beauty. She knows how to listen, and is always there when i need her. She’s so sweet, hot, cute, and SO talented. Everyone loves her and she doesn’t realize how awesome she is and how much i love her but she should.
Did you know, Daria is perfect?”
by wEiRd.bUt.kOol April 18, 2019
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Her eyes remind you of the ocean. Her personality is a masterpiece you can get lost in. She makes you happy you can breath, just so you can inhale her beautiful imperfect soul.
Daria is my everything
by I Love you 63637 September 28, 2013
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A great show that was aired on MTV back when it was actually a cool channel. Spin-off of Beavis and Butthead which featured a highly intelligent high school girl with a razor sharp wit. Was unpopular because she refused to conform to the masses of brainwashed sheep at her high school. Had a sister named Quinn who was a superficial, stuck-up little bitch and was supposedly a fashion maven, yet wore the exact same outfit almost every single episode.
Daria rocked but was hated by those who couldn't appreciate her intellect and wit.
by girl107 August 13, 2004
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She is a very kind, caring person once you get to know her. She can come across as mean, but only if you push her buttons. She has an amazing artistic ability, and is very good at makeup and fashion. She is very understanding, and great at giving advice. She is usually tall, with brown eyes. Her smile is beautiful and contagious.
Omg! Daria's actually really good at drawing!
by Charliehorse500 January 9, 2018
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Daria Is the Most Beautiful and perfect girl anyone could ever find, She has the cutest and most radiant smile you could ever lay you're eyes on :) She has the eyes of an angel Big brown and beautiful ;) Once you look into them you're troubles just seem to slip away, You'll never meet a girl like her She has Amazing skills as an artist even her quick sketches are just like WoW! Her personalty is just perfect she's so easy to get along with she has the sweetest and cute sounding voice i love her accent even when she say's Erww to you ;) No one could ask for a nicer girl to enter there life she really is a dream come true, i wouldn't trade being you're friend for all the money in the world,

You'll Always be my little cutie Daria

by Dris September 9, 2013
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One of the EXTREMELY few shows MTV had that was actually good, along with Aeon Flux and Beavis and Butt-head. Daria was very anti-MTV in nature, and it was no wonder that it was cancelled by those stupid fucks at MTV.
Daria is still on Noggin, but it is censored there.
by 3976897kjkhiluysiou36i32 June 5, 2004
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