1. When you have been drinking beer out of a can. 2. When you have had metal in your mouth for an extended period of time. (your breath stinks like a can)
"You have been drinking, haven't you, can breath?"
"I don't want to get close to you right now, I have can breath"
"I left the dentist office with can breath"
"Get your can breath away from me!"
by Coal Shovler' March 10, 2014
A phrase for anyone who seems able to do anything, or able to do something amazing and uber.

Comes from the comic Shortpacked!, in which it was used to describe Batman.
"Dude, did Iroh just firebend LIGHTNING??"
"He's the Dragon of the West! He can breathe in space!"
by Carol Anne Parma February 16, 2007
What a white person might say after interacting with the police.
I was worried I would get a speeding ticket, but since he let me off with a warning I can breath just fine.
by Hlalakar June 8, 2020
The collective exhalation of relief following the guilty verdicts in the trial of Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd. Floyd's last words, I can't breathe, had become the mantra of injustice in a country where police killings of unarmed Black men are routine and have gone largely unpunished.
As the three verdicts were read - guilty - guilty - guilty - millions of Americans, across the spectrum of race, ethnicity and economic status, suddenly felt WE CAN BREATHE.
by Monkey's Dad April 21, 2021
The deep American exhalation, after too long a period in which I can't breathe was true for too many, for so many reasons.
by Monkey's Dad November 7, 2020