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Meaning: Good Friend or Associate, Perth Slang for the word mate..


Someone Who is Cool, Or A Good Bloke.
*What's Going On Dard?*

*We Drinking Tonight Or What Dard?*


Person 1: Give Us A Smoke Bruv?

Person 2: Yeah Dard..


Person 1: Whats Going On My Dard?

Person 2: Not Much Dardy!
by Tha Cro January 07, 2013
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1) a good fellow or acquaintance
2) in the bad form, to describe an unquaint person or if one of their mannerisms irks you
1) "Hello, my quaint dard!" "How goes it?"
2) A: Omg that girl just flipped her weave in my face.

B: What a dard.
by quaintbirches101 May 01, 2014
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Shorten form of dardy (the coolest form of cool)
Guy #1: Check out my new ride
Guy #2: Nice one dards!
by lol, wut? September 15, 2011
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Dominating force of good or evil to overcome ones opponent.
Just as I thought I was going to win, he put the dard on me.
by DardVader June 27, 2011
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1. Moron, freakin' idiot.

2. Piece of shit stuck to your ass crack.
1. F*cking dard, you don't wipe before shitting.

2. Dude, the other day, I was going to the bathroom, and I shit, but I didn't wipe, and now, I got a dry dard stuck on my crack.
by Roybertito January 02, 2006
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–verb (used without object), dard
to cease to live; undergo the complete and permanent cessation of all vital functions; become dead.
(of something inanimate) to cease to exist.
no longer living; deprived of life;
Beth got in an accident

Is she dard?


Brad's body was found next to a dumpster.

How did he dard?
by rottedcockmeat June 22, 2011
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