A term typically used by Australians, defining a male who has overall good social qualities.
Guy 1: Davo's a really nice lad
Guy 2: Yeah hes a fuckin' good bloke aye
by topbloke1234 March 10, 2014
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When a moderator of an Australian Rules Football Forum use his authority to ensure a good result for everyone involved.
Gees that Starburns_ fella is a good bloke
by Craffles December 30, 2016
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Someone who looks after his/her mates. Always willing to lend a hand. Someone you can rely on for a favour. The term 'Good Bloke' is not necessarily gender specific. Usually bloke refers to a male but calling someone a 'good bloke' can be used to describe a male or a female.
A: "Hey Charlotte, can you take us down to the shops?"
B: "Yeah, no worries"
A: "F*** your a good bloke"
by AussieTERMS May 12, 2016
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