Usually white skinny males who like to think they are " Roadmen" or "Gangsters".
Usually walk around in polo shirts or puffer jackets, baggy shorts or tracksuit pants, Nike TNs or ankther type of air force shoe and usually wear brands such as Nautica, Ralph Lauren, Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Adidas etc. Usually poor as fuck and waste there center link payment on weed or pingas.
Eshay 1 - Oi lad i stopped some cunt out down the train station yesterday

Eshay 2 - oh nooo shit braa! Ya roll him

Eshay 1 - oh yea braa of course, i swear i was like 1 second away from shanking him

Eshay 2 - Fuck lad! If u was there i would of done it braa then went and ripped a few cones out me Gatorade bottle

'Islander walks around corner'

Eshay 1 - .....

Eshay 2 - .....

Islander walks away

Eshay 1 - Fuck cunt i was legit about to shank that dog bra

Eshay 2 - Yea braa same bro
by Oder the Ogar May 4, 2020
An 'Eshay' is another term for an Australian lad, the equivalent of a British chav. 'Eshays' are almost always from a poor background, have little or no secondary education and rely on centrelink payments or theft to support their habits of illicit drug use, graffiti and purchasing "fresh gear".

Eshays are generally feared by the public and are notorious for bashing innocent people for their valuables, staring people down and hanging in packs.

Most eshays cannot fight at all however target their victims in large groups. Almost all smoke weed on a regular basis and often get on various other drugs (such as MDMA, amphetamines, LSD) at raves. They enjoy attending hardstyle concerts and are reputable for engaging in their 'gabber dance'.

They are easily identifiable from what they wear:
-striped polo shirts
-any nautica, polo RL, tommy hilfiger gear
- sports shorts
-Nike TNs Shox or airmax's
Eshay 1: Oii Braa, wanna get on sum mad pingas tonight?
Eshay 2: Yeah lad, we gotta get ourselves some ashcay first, how bout we staunch that faggot over there aye bra?

*faggot puts both eshays on their arse*
by Eshaysbra July 23, 2011
The Eshay is a breed of street rat, mostly found to be in the teenage years. It is common to see these creatures wear sports wear brands with big logos. These baby mammals hunt in large packs to secure their safety. On their own they powerless cowards but once in a pack they start to bark at innocent people, especially the mentally ill. If your trying to spot one of these fascinating creatures I would suggest going to a local shopping centre as this is where they commonly hunt and breed/play/smoke cigs/yell at randoms/run in front of cars ect. *Important Note* If they are wearing a Gucci or LV hat instead of just some lower priced brand (Nike or Adidas) I would stand clear as they may be a high ranking esh lad.
Person 1* - Do you know Daniel?
Person 2* - Oh yeah, are you talking about the eshay daniel?
Person 1* - Yeah that's the guy. Him and his esh lads robbed my grandma on the weekend.
by Professor Howard June 2, 2020
Eshay or eshlad

The name given to those small dickheads whom seem to think they are top shit.

These eshays (mainly of the male gender) are known for stinking ,smoking,stealing, taking drugs and doing vape. Unfortunately these small brained pricks tend to think they can fight anyone when in actual fact they can't do shit. Literally. They wouldn't be able to kill a motherfucking fly if they tried. An eshays vocab is usually resctricted to curse words or really really bad slang. You are most likley to find an eshay hanging around train station, tobacconists, alley ways etc. after all these dumbasses are easy to find as the only thing they wear is some form of baggy shorts with a bloody striped tee. They also wear brand like Nike, surprised they can afford it. Then again they probably still money off an innocent person. These eshays are usually frighten away by a man with a loud voice or a large stick.
Person one- "I saw a group of eshays today"

Person two- "yeah? Where abouts?"

Person one- "on the side of the road, smoking and swearing"

Person two- "let me guess... they were wearing bloody striped tees and baggy shorts?"

Person one- "yup"
by I hate eshays September 10, 2017
Fucking failed abortions who think there top shit smoking green tea in a random bush stealing there dads non alcoholic Beer and take, there mums 1997 Toyota Corolla and say they stole when it’s there junkie mums car
Eshay abortion’s
by Loloxd181 September 7, 2020
Eshay a person known to be violent grumpy or just shit for brains who are from Australian City’s and hang around povo areas in Sydney like Redfern Inerwest Mount Duritt and Bondi Junction. Eshays usually wear clothes from the brands nautica, Lacoste, Nike, Adidas and wear Nike Tns or air max’s and almost are seen wearing a cap and a side or bum bag and smoking a dart(cigarette). Eshays think there top shit cause they bash kids and rep postcodes and listen to artists like onefour and hoolgian hefs.
Oi lad did u see em eshays from inerwest gutter stop that gronk last night
by AustralianPerson October 21, 2019
Another expression for the Aussie word "Fuckwit".
Person 1: Oi ya farken eshay!
Person 2: Yeah Nah Yeah Nah, your all talk cunt. Fuckin roll ya bah!
by ThatCasualPussyEater April 19, 2021