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Johann is a sweet, kind, romantic, funny, lazy, smart, shy person who likes to get clown. He can be shy at first but once you get to know him he tends to get funky. He can be really smart but only when he's trying, he can be really lazy at times and will be the kind of person to sleep in class all day. He's not very athletic and is more of a inside I like a/c better. Johann is a really romantic person and loves to have the lover feel like he's the one, he's also amazing in bed and a good kisser. Johann can be really sweet and make anyone special.
Woah he's sooo funny he must be a Johann.
Omg what a sweet guy, that's a Johann right there.
Did you see the score on the test Johann got, but he hates school though.
Omg you should see Johann in bed he's a whole other person!
by A Shy Guy September 01, 2019
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An amazing lad who is good at everything. Sport u name it. Oh, yea he is also good at school work but he still hates it. If you got a Johann You are a pretty lucky person because he will protect you from all the Jesse's and Josh's. He also will be rich in the future and ban James Charles.
Wow, who's that kid there that just scored 10 goals, What a Johann.
Who's that guy who just kicked Aidan's ass, Must be Johann.
I did a Johann Today, 100% without studying.
Man I wish I could have 12 girls, I'm gonna change my name to Johann
#Johann4life #YoJohann #Yohann #change_name_to_Johann
by Uncle joshy June 20, 2019
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A totally awesome German dude who smokes and drinks like there's no tomorrow, fucks tons of bitches with his 13" dick, and will eventually save the world from the evils of shitty education.
Holy fuck, there's Johann
by AwesomerIII June 28, 2011
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A talented and truly dedicated musician who is either a virtuoso or revered prodigy of the musical arts.
Damn, he's really good at the piano! What a Johann!
by MusicSociety June 30, 2011
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Used to describe an awesome sick dude who has luscious hair. He attracts girls the same way mosquitoes are attracted to him.
Pronounced- Je-O-Ha-en
by Walking Dictionary wizard June 24, 2017
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Many See Johann Sebastian Bach as an excessively talented composer of many famous symphonies, this being true he was more renowned for being the original gangster. With nobody wanting to get close enough to join his gang or anyone daring to start a rival gang he simply stood alone. Johann was forced to target innocent victims to continue his blood lust. Usually upper-class people at banquents. His weapon of choice being an extremely dull axe, so dull that it might as well not even be an axe, he would hang out of his one-man chariot and reduce the victims skull to the consistency of mashed potatoes. The only clue that Johann's victims had of their rapidly approaching fate was Johann battle cry which was in fact his name:

"Oh my god I think I see JoHANN!"

-mashed potatoes-
by Dylustin March 08, 2008
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A smart, loving, loyal, amazing person. Grows up to be a great dad and husband to his wife and children.

They are usually a business man and are very good at solving problems, still managing to look funny and amazing while doing it.
Me: wow that girl has a Johann

I wish I had a Johann!
by The girl with blue, gold ey September 30, 2018
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