1.n.- A man of good humor, high potential, and deep intelect. Usually one who may "blend in" but would be foolish to underestimate.

2.v.- To give the ultimate sexual pleasure to a woman.

I danned her up good.
by Mr.Pseudo March 8, 2009
A gentleman who will take your breath away. Beautiful eyes and awsome man hands. A great sence of humor and always able to make you smile. A man impossible to leave your thoughts. Big dreams for his future and is always open to spontaneighty. He will always put you first, even hold your purse! Best thing that ever happened to me!
Girl 1: Yeah, I broke up with that slob...I hate being single
Girl 2: You know what you need now?... you need a Dan!
by Lilly R. July 16, 2010
Dan is someone who is perfect in every way. He is good-looking, funny and just amazing. He doesn't show affection very much, but when he does, its perfect. There is no way to describe how special he really is. He will be someone you will miss, everyday. You will wake up wishing he was there, but sometimes you have to let go of Dan. One day he will tell you he loves you, and compliment you all the time, and the next it will be like you never existed. Be careful with him, he may break your heart several times, but you've got to not give up, you will regret it. I don't know anyone else I would spend my time with, but I lost Dan. One day you may speak to him again, but sometimes you have to keep waiting. Dan is full of suprises. You will love Dan, hes perfect.
Dan's so perfect
Is that Dan? wow, hes amazing
by donotgiveup May 17, 2012
one who has a slammin' bod.
the man.
girl one: who is that sexy beast right there?
girl two: oh, thats just Dan!
by thecatwhisperer February 7, 2010
omg so hot. has amazing hair, smile, face and just EVERYTHING. omg RAIL ME
person 1: omg there's Dan
person 2: omg Dan is so gorgeous
person 1: ikr!!
by hot goth July 10, 2021
Everyone on Dan’s case like who hurt y’all?
Dan did nothing to y’all
by AGuyNameDan August 4, 2020
A great guy whom everybody loves. He is always smiling, even when he tries really hard not to. Most girls would definitely date him. He can be really confusing, but he's one of the best friends anyone could have. Don't get him mad at you, because it is usually pretty upsetting. He's funny and cute and all around great!
That Dan over there, he's just awesome!

Wow, you see that Dan? He's really great!
by stallya. June 25, 2009