1. Unparalled Beauty to the Maximum of Bitch'ness

2. A level for Finehood only discribible by a word of Infinant Discription
(Dude, That girl Christa is Fine, No Damn Fine.)
by Sterling Dozier November 10, 2005
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That Sean Is Damn Fine
Damn Fine Ass On That Boy Josh
by r0cksh0w182 January 21, 2004
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Danielle-my girl
Damn Danielle u damn fine!!! wanna come over
by Will February 7, 2004
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Phrase meaning someone who is exstremly attractive. This person can be any gender. This is a phrase you would use informally with friends.
"Hey did you see that girl last night, at that party?"

"Yeah she was mighty damn fine!"
by Thatninjachic June 16, 2015
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As in the cult TV classic Twin Peaks, by David Lynch, FBI Special Agent Cooper's description of his favorite drink.
Pete Martell: "How do you like your coffee?"
Special Agent Cooper: "Blacker than midnight on a moonless night."
Pete Martell: "...pretty black."

Special Agent Cooper: "MMM, that's damn fine coffee!"
by Homegrown October 12, 2005
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exquisite looking females, also, dont see martha stewart
i say charles, that cafe was full of damn fine broads.
by Nooch December 31, 2004
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