a charlotte is one of the most genuine, down to earth, happy person that you will ever meet. she is usually reserved however her mind is constantly thinking and working. she will ALWAYS be there for you and you can tell her your deepest, darkest secrets because she’s is completely trustworthy. she is super smart, completely GORGEOUS however she doesn’t know it. she works very hard in school but knows how to have fun. she is VERY TICKLEISH hehehe. i know a charlotte and i don’t EVER want to loose her. if you know one, get to know her and try to be her best friend because you will have SCORED!! she is usually the peacekeeper and doesn’t stand any bs. she is completely honest and doesn’t like getting in trouble or doing anything behind someone’s back xx
person 1: look, there’s a charlotte

person 2: she’s absolutely gorgeous!!!

person 3: of course, because she’s a charlotte
by sometimes i eat cherries February 21, 2018
she is the best thing that will ever happen to you, keep her, love her, cherish her, you won’t regret it!
Guy: I want to date charlotte!
Girl: ugh, why do all the guys like charlotte?!?!?!
by root beer November 11, 2018
A Charlotte is a beutiful young girl who is shy but such a kind person, she is amazing at drawing,listening and being her self!
I have a beutiful friend called charlotte
by Pillow dog March 4, 2019
A girl with radient beauty. She is beautiful, funny, intelligent, amazing and perfect. Living perfection. Loves to party and a real maths wizard.
Charlotte looks beautiful today, no she always does.
by sphibbsy April 10, 2015
extremelly beautiful girl that is extremelly smart and that every one wants to date.
a girl who is of top quality
an extremelly popular girl that all of the boys like
a girl that everyone falls in Love with for her looks and intelligience
'did you see that girl she's a real charlotte'
'that top quality charlotte right there'
'i wanna get myself a charlotte'
'my gf is a real charlotte'
by mitchey May 15, 2008
cool sexy hot thebest nice beatiful friend lottie lotty charlie lot nickname name girl lover england perfection
i love charlotte because she is a babe and she is awsome cute and amazing !!!!
by lotlou99 February 22, 2011
A very short little girl with a very good sense of humor and great laugh. Always nice to people and takes the time to listen to all of your problems. Never lets anyone put her down and always keeps her happy attitude constant throughout the day.
Did you see that funny short girl?
Yeh it was Charlotte
by Toasty Goodness March 5, 2009