Wire framed glasses in the shape of Venetian blind sunglasses, but with horribly tinted lenses. Made famous by serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.
Not going to lie, Sophia is really pretty but those damn Dahmer Glasses she's rocking need to go! They aren't attractive.
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A cocktail consisting of gin and vodka, preferably bottom shelf. When an umbrella and a splash of cranberry is added, it becomes an Andrew Cunanan.
Barkeep, I'll take a Jeffrey Dahmer, neat. Thank you.
by Pu$$yLorde October 20, 2015
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The act of wiping period blood across the upper lip of a woman post-intercourse or phalangal pleasuring of the vagina with a penis or finger(s) during her menstrual cycle.

Similar to the 'Dirty Sanchez.'
Friend 1: "Man, my girl didn't tell me she was on the rag, so when I pulled out and saw what was up, I gave her a nasty Dirty Dahmer!"

Friend 2: "Dude, you're disgusting."

Friend 1: "Hey, it's not my fault! If she would've told me her vagina was a crime scene this never would've happened."
by HLoVE December 28, 2010
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an extremely fucked up person. slayer wrote a good song about him called "213". why 213?? because that was his apartment number where he killed and fucked people.
driving compulsion morbid thoughts come to mind, sexual realease buried deep inside. complete control of a prized possession. to touch and fondle with no objection. lonely souls, an emptiness fulfilled. physical pleasure and addictive thrill. an object of perverted reality. an obsession beyond your wildest dreams. death loves final embrace. your cool tenderness, memories keep love alive, memories will never die.
------------slayer rules---------------
by MetallilbangeR April 8, 2005
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When wiping your butt after killing and eating your girlfriend
I haven't seen Wacheeta in 2 weeks since she went out with Rasheen, Have you seen her lately? No I think he Jeffery Dahmer'd her
by Paraleel October 14, 2011
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When angered by the one you love, you respond not by voice, but with action. In a lust filled rush, you drug them, slowly kill them with power tools, and have your way with the still warm corpse.

Named after the real american hero Jeff Dahmer!
Hey man, my ho said we should ease off, use the time apart to see if we are right for each other, so I went Dahmer on that bitch's ass!
by rad June 13, 2004
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