A term for a respectable older male, with slight sexual connotations.
Sandra: I call my step-dad daddy, because he has money and a respectable job, but he also looks like George Clooney.

Bill: That’s... weird.
by DaddyYeet October 10, 2018
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Daddy is not your dad it is your mum there for your mum is daddy and your dad is mummy
I fucked daddy last night, she told me I fuck like mummy
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by Ihaveawatchdedicatedtononut December 04, 2019
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Daddy is used in a freaky relationship as in dating a female call her boyfriend daddy
by Kimberly___ April 29, 2019
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The term a person calls another person sexually that is not actually their dad.
person 1: *moans* damn daddy
person 2: *falls over, because it is too sexy* oh damn
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by fuck_me.sideways May 28, 2019
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What u Call ur bf when u wanna Either do some Oral, or, Anal, or Manual Sex!! and Some Boys Like being Called Daddy but some dont.
Gf:Daddy U like that huh?
BF: Yea i do Baby.πŸ‘
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by @Ya_Countrygirl_PO November 05, 2020
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Something to name your father

Something to name the person who’s fucking you
Hey daddy can I have a orange

Faster!faster!faster daddy
by Bitttttttcccccccchhhhhhh August 01, 2019
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You have to be laid. Period. Or you cannot be a daddy.
A daddy is someone who has gotten laid.
by Brobarbear June 12, 2018
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