When the person who’s fucking you up just won’t go hard so you shout “harder daddy” and they fuck you to the limit you can’t even stand.
Harder Daddy, daddy!!! fuck me harderrrrrrrr, ohhhhh yes please daddy *moan* d-daddy f-f-fuck me h-harder *moan* go h-harder on me daddy!!! Daddy! OHHhH Lord D-daddy you’re fucking me soooo hard today *moan*
by DARKER MATTER April 19, 2019
This is something commonly Used during sex when the guy is beating up the pussy but she wants more
Male:uhhh uhhh *moan*
Girl: harder daddy
by Sexqueen124 December 2, 2019
When a boy or girl or non bianary etc gets fucked in the ass they say it or when there doing a blowjob
by Someone on this website November 26, 2021
harder daddy“ when a woman is in sex they yell HARDER DADDY OH YEAH
Oh yes fuck me ooo fuck me AHHHH HARDER DADDY
by Pussy air April 17, 2021
When a male or males aren't fucking the other person hard enough the person getting fuckes will yell "harder daddy" and get fucked extremely hard.
Harder daddy~ a-ahh!! O-ooh g-god!! Ahhhhnnn!!! H-harder daddy~~!!
by Animepathic July 22, 2017
A phrase used to get out of a sticky situation, such as a chokehold or pin, by making the perpetrator uncomfortable.
A murder was choking me to death so I said "Harder, daddy" and he let go.
by SheevTheSenate66 October 31, 2021
When the male is not going hard enough and she screams harder daddy then she gets fucked so hard that her organism turns the bed into the ocean
Oh yes daddy go harder daddy oh oh oh oh oh oh oh fuck yes oh get inside me and fuck me harder make me bleed until I'm dead.
by Bossdowg11 April 26, 2016