Daddy is a term used to describe a male that is good looking and overprotective qualities. In addition "daddy" is a good word to describe your partner. Someone that is attractive enough and has great qualities ex. Freaky sexy fine hot cute
Jesse is not daddy!!
by JessTakesWs July 16, 2017
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the name that a girl says (probably to make the lucky guy horny or happy)
I cried out, "Daddy!" when his weapon tore my walls up.
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by touch my g spot March 12, 2017
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1. A man who's in control, he tends to be the dominate person weather it's a heterosexual or homosexual relationship, the daddy is always the dominant perso, it is also used to refer to an appealing looking older male.

2. Daddy can also be use use as a term to refer to something appealing to a person or group of people.
1. The new guy I met was the biggest daddy, he treated really good on our date.

2. Yo guys look at The daddy phone he has. Lucky
by Rodrigj050 April 16, 2017
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a girls boyfriend or husband..who takes care of her, looks ou ofr her, (like a daddy) it is an affectionate term that should only be used on a man who deserves the ego boost.
by tmacafella July 17, 2003
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Daddy is someone that you can always depend on. A daddy dom should make you feel safe and loved all the time.
Usually found with a bratty girl/boy/x, and most likely can never say no to them. They’re too sweet to say no to.
Usually the best cuddlers in the whole world and will cover you in kisses. Sometimes makes rules, whether you follow them or not is up to you, but what comes after is up to Daddy.
Girl: daddy?
Boy: yes baby?
Girl: hi
Daddy: hi princess :)
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by I’m baby shut up February 23, 2020
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1. a name you call your biological father
2. something you call a male figure you like very much
3. a name you call the man who's pounding your pussy
1. hey daddy can you get me some orange juice?
2. oh meh gawd shane dawson is my daddy
by big boy socks September 19, 2017
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A word used usually by a younger girl to describe an extremely attractive older man.
Omg Jenni look at that man over there, he is such a daddy!
by dinkydino April 25, 2017
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