A fine man that takes care of you and you trust enough to call him your daddy

What you call a man to make him go crazy
by Duh.itz.me July 01, 2018
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A male that people think is sexual attractive
Adrien is a name that will never be called this
Adrien no I will not call you daddy
by CatAndPuggles February 13, 2017
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something a girl might call her boyfriend or the guy fucking her, in the excitement of sex, a guy a girl looks to take care of her.
Me: i love when my daddy, jason fucks me hard.
by steffy May 27, 2005
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Something teen girls say because they are fucking the brains out of their much older boyfriend. Also something whores say to every guy they want to fuck.
Oh yeaaaaaaa!!! Fuck me harder daddy!!!
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by TJtay300 December 02, 2016
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The word daddy is not defined by wether or not a man has a biological child. You can never produce a child and be a daddy, likewise you can have 20 kids and never be a daddy.

A daddy is a man who cares for a child's both physical and emotional needs. He puts the child's wants and needs ahead of his own.

A man who does a half ass job of raising his child is usually rewarded with drug addicted, nympho, wife beating, jail bird's - these men a frequently but not always known as baby daddy's

A true daddy is hard to come by, but and a truely special thing.
The little girl hugged her daddy.
by BETTY CROCKER June 25, 2006
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when you have sex, and a girl screams "fuck me so hard daddy!"
"my big black dick is ready for you"
by hey th3r3 daddy February 17, 2017
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