4 definitions by Sparkle pussy

Me: dad? Where did you go?
by Sparkle pussy March 21, 2019
I like em big
I like em chunky
I like em big
I like em plumpy
I like em round
With something something

They like my sound
They think I’m funky
Look out I think moto moto likes you

(Moto moto peaking out though the corner
by Sparkle pussy April 4, 2019
1: feeling very flattered and horny at the same time

2:when strap a woman (object) to a metal table and lock her up with chains then grap the stolen glitter from you local kindergarten then sprinkle it on her pussy on the out side and inside

(hint if your Italian you have to sprinkle it the Italian way) then fuck her with the glitter bottle
Man: let’s have sex
Woman (object):no, let’s do sparkle pussy
Man:that’s a great idea
by Sparkle pussy April 4, 2019