A dick of any size, or sexual intercourse, and is usually used in funny way.
"Get me some of that big ole dack dack!"
by Rebels July 11, 2008
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Australian slang
1. noun (generally in the plural): trouser.
2. verb: to de-pants someone.
3. verb: to shoplift an item by putting it down one's trousers.
1. "That's a stonkin' pair of dacks you got there, mate!"
2. "So I ran up behind him and dacked the bugger. It was grouse."
3. "I wanted a bottle of Beam, but I didn't have any money, so I dacked it and ran."
by HarryTheBarStud February 12, 2018
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to get your pants pulled down by your mates in front of other people
"ahhaha Tom just got dacked" Tom has pants around ankles at this point and everyone is laughing
by kRyStLe October 8, 2003
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See also Dack and Tracky Dacks

Aussie Slang
My, those sure are some nice dacks you have on there Mrs Johnson
by Flavourful Syntax November 12, 2004
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(Australian slang) The act of pulling someone's pants or shorts down when they least suspect it, usually by sneaking up behind. Intended to cause maximum embarrassment, particularly if the "double dacking" is deployed, which also removes the underwear, exposing genitals.

A typical form of humiliation or payback in school yards in Australia.
Young Steve was talking with a group of sheilas he wouldn't mind having a crack at one day.

Suddenly, Dave emerges from behind and gives Steve a dacking.

Steve: Oi fkn *frantically grabs at pants*
Girls: *titter*

Steve taken down a peg or two in school yard
by hoomuzu December 4, 2015
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To pull someones pants down.
Intention is to embarress them by exposing their tighy whities or a bare ass. Make's other people laugh.
"John is being the biggest dickhead."
"Yeah, let's dack him."
by Diego September 5, 2003
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a gangsta-ass slang name for a dick, usually used by real straight up nigs.
This term was originally coined by a couple of dumbass university kids from Victoria in 2010
stu: yo I heard alex sucked a couple black dacks last night bra
tim: Ya, it's a way of life
by thetraut December 4, 2010
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