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a gangsta-ass slang name for a dick, usually used by real straight up nigs.
This term was originally coined by a couple of dumbass university kids from Victoria in 2010
stu: yo I heard alex sucked a couple black dacks last night bra
tim: Ya, it's a way of life
by thetraut December 03, 2010

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Pop-o-clock is the hour of the evening, usually around 4pm, when you start drinking for a rowdy night on the town. this ensues that by 7-8pm you'll be balls deep in breawhskis and won't have to spend a dime at the club.
nick: yo naggers its pop-o-clock
tim: ohhhh yeah, cabs a heah, lets fire it up, pass me them wildcat brahhhskis
by thetraut December 05, 2010

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A box, usually filled with garbage can that is inhabitted by coons during the night
joe: fuck, the garbage is strewn everywhere in the coonbox
john: coons musta been hungry last night
by thetraut January 14, 2011

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Wikipedia, is a non- profit online encyclopedia, created 100% for free, with articles written and edited by educated minds around the world, who are nice enough to share their opinions for free.

The fuckin cunts who created Wikipedia however, Jimmy dicksucker, thinks it's ok to post advertising on a website that he didn't do shit to create aside from writing the HTML coding. Advertising asking for users to donate!!!!! What a cheap fuck, donate so this uppety motherfucker can by himself a new house.... you didnt make shit Jimmy so stop taking the credit and stop trying to steal peoples money you cheap fuck.
Stu: man that guy is so cheap, he didn't even tip his waitress... on a 350$ bill!

John: yeah, must be that cheapass dirtbag who founded Wikipedia, I can't believe they posted personal appeal's asking for donations.
by thetraut December 12, 2010

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