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DRC or the "Dick Rub Central" is a covert way to talk about a strip club in front of others who do not know what it means.
"Hey Bob, lets head over to the DRC after work!"
by DoctorVegas December 02, 2009
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Abbreviation for "don't really care"
Person 1: I failed that test we had today ughh!!!
Person 2: drc
by inazumasenki February 27, 2017
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Digital Reality Crew - international on-line community established in December, 1998, also known as Quake 3 Arena clan.
by Wartex November 09, 2003
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The DRC rust-clan door-camped, roof-camped, and killed any naked player they saw
by Pandapowers17 November 25, 2016
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The original master of disaster, surgeon for here after, and the only Docta of chaos and savior of the true and lost.

Trained heavily in the fields of abstract psychology, sociology, universal theory, and spirituality. Music, Art, Writing, and knowledge regardless of profit or back up is the key ingredients to this unique docta's mind and body.

Crazy and viciously angry/draining because of the devilish cold heart that rules this land filled to the brim with the wicked.

A general who refuses to ever back down from anything believed in or loved regardless of torture and pain that comes attached.

Special healing abilities for feminine reproductive organ deprivation and dehydration. Single most applauded trait of this professional healer and creator.

Eternally horny.
"Oh Lauren, you gotta go see the Dr.C about your issues you've had lately with your vagina, mouth, and wasn't it your eyes too?? I tell ya girl, I had the exact same weaknesses and he got rid of them with only five amazing healing sessions. Now he's even giving me a free month's worth of pleasure, I mean check up appointments, just cause he liked the way my body reacted to the medicine he gave me fresh outta the lab".
by The Docta See July 13, 2011
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Delete Retard's Comments.

DRC is designed to make a quick way to fix forum trolls. Instead of leading them on, just say DRC.

Totally confuses them, and works as a good flag for moderators.

The origin of the letter R was originally a person's initial, but since then the acronym has been adapted for larger audiences.
(Unidentified commenter) says:
"Okay, can we stick to one thread please? I got a growing arthritis.. I don't want anything worse.

Didn't you read my status earlier? I'm a Fascist against the Monarchy. But I think I was Liberal Rightist and Fascist Left winger. I forget."

(Cooler commenter) says:
by Lawrencejob December 12, 2008
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1. it is the process of misstyping "sex" on a computer keyboard; and
2. the act of fucking.
"you wanna cyber-drc?"
"... oops, i meant cyber-sex"
by everyone loves !!!DRC!!! February 20, 2005
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