Abbreviation for "don't really care"
Person 1: I failed that test we had today ughh!!!
Person 2: drc
by inazumasenki February 27, 2017
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1. it is the process of misstyping "sex" on a computer keyboard; and
2. the act of fucking.
"you wanna cyber-drc?"
"... oops, i meant cyber-sex"
by everyone loves !!!DRC!!! February 20, 2005
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Digital Reality Crew - international on-line community established in December, 1998, also known as Quake 3 Arena clan.
by Wartex November 9, 2003
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DRC or the "Dick Rub Central" is a covert way to talk about a strip club in front of others who do not know what it means.
"Hey Bob, lets head over to the DRC after work!"
by DoctorVegas December 2, 2009
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An acronym for for Don’t Really Care
Johnny: My sister’s friend’s coworker’s cat died... I’ll tell you all about it when I see you.

Emma: To be honest I DRC...
by JULIANNEX0X0 June 15, 2018
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Delete Retard's Comments.

DRC is designed to make a quick way to fix forum trolls. Instead of leading them on, just say DRC.

Totally confuses them, and works as a good flag for moderators.

The origin of the letter R was originally a person's initial, but since then the acronym has been adapted for larger audiences.
(Unidentified commenter) says:
"Okay, can we stick to one thread please? I got a growing arthritis.. I don't want anything worse.

Didn't you read my status earlier? I'm a Fascist against the Monarchy. But I think I was Liberal Rightist and Fascist Left winger. I forget."

(Cooler commenter) says:
by Lawrencejob December 12, 2008
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The DRC rust-clan door-camped, roof-camped, and killed any naked player they saw
by Pandapowers17 November 25, 2016
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