His Parents were rightists
by 459395 March 15, 2022
One who rejects mainstream conservatism in United States politics in favor of extremist ideologies - among which may include an opposition to multiculturalism, anti-immigration, white nationalism and supremacy, anti-Semitism, anti-egalitarianism, nativism, racial/ethnic identity politics, and fascism. Often, alt-rightists view mainstream establishment conservatives as weak and untrue, and reject compromise with liberal factions. You're most likely to encounter an alt-rightist on internet blogs and 4chan, where the movement is made up mostly of socially-awkward virgin teenagers.
Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign has attracted many alt-rightists due to his nativist, anti-immigration rhetoric and authoritarian persona.
by HeisenbergUltra June 20, 2016
Far Right college virgins who have an obsession with 4chan and anime porn. They tend to be anti female either because they can't get any or are gay because they can't get any.
Alt-Rightist 1: fuck these regressive, triggered liberal cucks!
Alt-Rightist 2: Yeah, lets go to our room and watch interracial anime porn with our Make America great again hats!
by STUPID USER NAME August 25, 2016