Is a military term meaning to "Drop On Request".
Soldier: "Sir, I cannot take anymore of this.. I want a DOR!"

Officer: "Granted you will be dismissed"
by Ban-Ban February 19, 2009
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DOR is a military term that means Date of Rank. The Date of Rank is defined as the day that promotion is effective. That date is usually prior to the date of promotion sometimes by days, weeks, and years depending on the requirements of the promotion authority. The date of rank is used to establish precedence for promotion to the next higher rank and to establish seniority among individuals of the same rank.
SSG Johnson and SSG Lacy scored the same on their APFT and tied with the board for the AGR job, so we had to go by their date of rank (DOR) to decide who would get the job and the promotion to E-7.
by EyeDoSue August 18, 2014
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The sweetest man, gentleman, kind, and a real hottie.
Who’s that hottie over there? It’s Dor!
by Tikva January 06, 2019
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Dor is male name he is nice , interesting , smart , have good style, loves you with his whole heart, makes the best compliments ever ,can’t really keep a secret , skates , he loves frogs, monkeys and ti**ies 🥱.He can make you laugh and smile any time , he has the most pretty smile , his hair is the definition of perfection, also he is that perfect that even his hands are attractive af. He is supportive , he really cares about you and will always help you if you need anything, he is literally the dream of every girl, spending time with him is the most amazing thing , cuddling and making out are just ah- .He is the best boyfriend ever.
-Hey look , this is Dor over here!
-Oh wasnt Dor this attractive boy that is skating?
-Yeah , exactly!
by addinka December 24, 2020
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a talent-less, loveable jewish kid.
that dor was awesome, not like those other jewbags
by jewtastic94 August 08, 2009
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You dor be good at swimming. (suggesting the person is not good at swimming).
by HaleBoarders September 24, 2010
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lincolnshire numpty variant of "don't". followed by a glottal stop.
dor fink so - (don't think so)
by jasontheargonaut January 18, 2004
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