Army Physical Fitness Test, consists of push ups, sit ups, and a two mile run. One must complete 49 push ups to obtain 70% (passing) in under two minues, 64 sit ups to obtain 70% in under two minutes, and have to run the two miles in under 15:09. In AIT the standards are reducted to 60% while in BCT the standards are further ridiculously reduced to a mere 50% to pass. The APFT is maxed out at 300, however, after 300 is the extended scale. To get on the extended scale, one must score a minimum of 100 in each category, and over 100 in at least one category. At this point the extended scale is achieved. Should one not pass the APFT, one must usually attend a form of remedial PT. The APFT is just one of the many Army standards which soldiers are expected to meet. Also, the standards for the APFT are seperated into age groups, 19-21 having the highest standards in the minimums, while as you grow older the minimum standards drop. However, the 19-21 age group has lower "100" standards than some of the older groups. Mysteriously there is a group for people of the age of 65+ which would only consist of Warrant Officers and Generals. In which case, the APFT is probably disregarded. There are other standards for the APFT for those who are on profile for certain physical ailments. These alternate tests include a 2.5 mile walk with about a 35 minute time limit, a bicycle ride, and a swim. I'm not sure the exact standards. Also, people on profile, sick call rangers are usually exempt from the APFT because they would probably be too weak to pass it anyway.
I just took the APFT the other week and scored a 265, with 91 in push ups, a 92 in situps, and an 82 on the 2 mile run.
by PV2 Not giving my name! September 15, 2006
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