A man blasts his load in the face of another and it pools in that persons eye socket, creating a cum eyepatch of sorts. The optical version of a pearl necklace. The recipient may be male or female.
"Just as I was about to cum, I pulled my cock out of Sal's mouth and blasted right in his face. The whole load shot right in his left eye! It was the best DNA eyepatch ever!
by Iggy Pup November 30, 2006
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A twist that took place in the CBS reality TV show ‘Big Brother’.
Project DNA stands for “Do Not Assume”.

One of these two things will happen with this twist;

1. A pair of twins would enter the game and act as one contestant. If they could survive in the game for a set amount of time without getting discovered/eliminated, both twins would join the game playing as individuals
(Example: Liz and Julia Nolan pretending to be Liz for the first five eliminations before joining the game in season 17)

2. When a two relatives (siblings or parent and child) compete together in the same season, both unaware that the other would be competing. (Example: Dick and Danielle Donato; Father and Daughter, playing together in season 11)
Project DNA is probably my favorite Big Brother twist.
by KomaKing December 07, 2018
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Where one farts in a bottle, etc. and mails for testing to find one's origin.
Martha: "Why does Ted have his anus pressed against the glass bottle?"
Tina: "He wants to know his origin; he's having his fart DNA tested."
by Chili2 August 06, 2017
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A reference to a nasty hoe. She is so full of man juice that she could be detained for DNA smuggling.
by Swolln Johnson March 07, 2008
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Adumbass DNA is a nucleic acid whose genetic instructions are hopelessly scrambled.
After one too many hard nights of drug and alcohol consumption, it was found in actuality that Charlie Sheen had adumbass DNA.
by Laserman 1411 from London On August 02, 2011
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Sperm, Semen, Jizz, Baby Batter, etc...
He got way too excited and let loose his DNA spray before he even had my clothes off.
by Seriously... May 04, 2006
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Something that does not take 10 minutes to do, as seen in CSI.
DNA Testing
by Interactive November 06, 2009
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