Drivers Hopelessly Lost
Person A: Did you get that package yet?
Person B: No, I used DHL.
by jbkurz December 15, 2010
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After the shipping company, it stands for "Delivered Here Late" due to DHL's notorious shipping service.
"Sam, you freaking idiot! I can't believe you didn't overnight that. Now it's gonna be DHL-ed.."
by Poe Boy March 2, 2008
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To get dissed, stood up, ignored or not in the loop. Named after the shipping company notorious for their poor service.
Dude, that girl totally DHL-ed me last night, and I was standing there waiting around for nothing. I don't even know what I did wrong.
by Pogue2012 June 13, 2008
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An excellent 1st class courier company that can be blamed for the non arrival of purchased goods anywhere around the world. DHL can also be blamed by anyone who has lied and said they sent you a Christmas present which will never arrive. Also birthdays, or any gift giving occasion you haven't been arsed with can be blamed on DHL.
'I can't believe you still haven't received the present I got you. It's been 6 months already. Never using DHL again!!'
'Honestly don't worry about it. You didn't know DHL stands for Damaged, Held or Lost.'
by MJwrites July 29, 2017
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Mannn, this bitch try too hard for attention. DHL Tik Tok hoe
by JugMouth January 16, 2020
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DHL Worldwide Express.

Some people claim that the letters in this stand for Dalsey, Hillblom and Lynn (the founders) but in reality it stands for Deliverin' Hawt Loot.
John: Shit man. I gotz a package from DHL Worldwide Express. Themz niggaz sho' deliva some hawt loot.
Eric:'re white.
by Nick February 21, 2005
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After the shipping company, it stands for "Drop it, Hit it, Lost it" due to DHL's notorious shipping service.
Person 1: Have you received your package?
Person 2: No, it's being shipped with DHL.
Person 1: Ah, Drop it, Hit it, Lost it.
by JaoL December 22, 2016
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