Borneo is the third-largest island in the world and the largest in Asia.
Last weekend, I went to Sabah located in Borneo.
by Anonymous Android Fan March 30, 2020
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trip to borneo
gone borneo
by wendy wo February 2, 2006
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The result of one shitting, eating it, and then having it come out of ones nose.
The borneo was sick but you could tell it was borneo cause the shit had snot in it.
by sirrypanda July 15, 2008
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Going borneo is slang for getting very drunk. Variants include 'gone borneo' e.g. someone who is wasted, (let's) go borneo e.g. as a suggestion that drinking should begin, etc.
I can't believe that 'going borneo', my favorite term for drunken revels is not in
by blabbidy December 16, 2009
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Free-For-Sex usually including others species, living organisms, or objects

Use of all the following is allowed:

Childrens Toys
Household Appliances
Electrical Cords (and Outlets)
Cups and Mugs
Domesticated Animals
Shaved Pubic Hair
Any Type of Open Flame
Musical Instruments
Paint Brushes
Thumb Tacks
Shoe Laces
Candy Canes
Loose Change

Use of the Following is not allowed:

That's the first time I;ve used a chicken while performing during a "Borneo Bandwagon."
by Seamus O'Reid March 1, 2008
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Playing field consists of 2 Zones, each are 20’ by 20’ (400sq ft) with 20-30’ separating both Zones
Each side starts with 1 Frisbee, and at a 1,2,3 countdown they both “serve” or throw to each other
The objective is to get the Frisbee to land in your opponents Zone before they can catch it
If you touch the Frisbee and it lands outside the Zone, it is your penalty, and a point goes to your opponent
You can, if you wish, catch a throw that is outside your zone, but you risk leaving your zone open

If one side catches the Frisbee earlier (or faster) then they should endeavor to throw it back into the opponent’s zone. If there are 2 Frisbee’s in your zone at 1 time, your opponent gains 1 point
If you have 2 Frisbee’s in your Zone, you must hand one to your opponent and restart a countdown. For every 10 seconds it takes to give a Frisbee to your opponent, you lose a point
If you do not catch a Frisbee that is in your zone, your opponent gains a point
If you throw outside the zone, your opponent gets a point and you must retrieve it. If it takes more than 15 seconds to get the Frisbee, return to your zone and throw, your opponent gets 5 points
Games are 50 minutes long
Sides switch at 25 minutes
Each side has 5 30-second time outs. Each time you use a time out, you lose a point.
Joseph ( for more
Damn dude I just got my ass KICKED in a BORNEO BEACH FRISBEE game!
by Borneo Joe October 4, 2018
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The ultimate brown cow chocolate milk scam: an animal / person / thing that sounds real but has supernaturally cool attributes. Is there an actual Borneo Cat? Yes. Are there electric animals? Also yes. Does this exist... maybe? Just like compassionate billionaires and fedoras that look cool exist. Can be used as a concept, object, verb, etc.
He totally pulled an Electric Borneo Cat on her and now she's telling everyone he's a platinum premium Uber consultant.
by Electric Borneo Cat Daddy April 21, 2022
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