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Dirty 'Dena's party planning crew. Pasadena, Cali
DDK is throwing a party tonight. I'm going to DDK its gonna be siiiiik. You gonna be at the DDK?
by May 28, 2010
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When you get in the "double digit kills" you have sex so many times that you state you have 10+. But you really don't have one, you just make all of them up. Saying you had sex with a girl who you barely know that is either gross or under age. He would also never wingman a bro for him to get a chick, but try and attempt to take her from someone and make the bro look bad; Therefore, not being a good bro.
Bro: Yo man see that chick
Dude: Yeah
Bro: Yeah.. um I had sex her
Dude: She's Tim's sister and she's 12?

Bro: How many kills you got?
Dude: Haha.. five
Bro: Oh yah? Yeah I'm DDK (Double Digit Kills)..
Dude: sweet kb...............

Bro: Why are you telling people I got so many kills?????
Dude: I thought it was a good thing..
by Lorenzo Von Wilderhorn December 13, 2010
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Daniel Dae Kim, star of series such as Lost and Hawaii 5-0.

Korean-American, named one of People magazine's Sexiest Men Alive
Girl: Check out DDK, I'd totally do him.
by televizzle October 25, 2010
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Standing for "Dude Dats Krazy," it is an expression used to express ones' attitude towards a certain event. Common alternative spellings can be "DDFK" for "Dude Dats Freaking Krazy" or "DDKK" for "Dude Dat Krazy Kid."
(Texting conversation)
Person 1:"My dog just exploded!"
Person 2:"DDK!!!"
by Socky!!! June 11, 2010
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Drug Dealer Killer. Straight Edgers who take their beliefs to the streets and kill those who sell drugs to cleanse the world.
That crazy ass edger is a D.D.K. cuz he shot 4 snowmen on the corner.
by Trickie December 27, 2005
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Doubt the
When Doubt the Kong, you doubt yourself! Don't EVER Doubt the Kong!
by D.D.K. May 25, 2004
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